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Marche recipe

We propose a recipe from all over the Marche filling: cappellacci to ciauscolo, Varnelli, ricotta and sapa. Enjoy your meal by Residence Casabianca!

Carnival In Marche desserts

Carnival is coming ... and there are many desserts that are prepared in the Marche region in this period. By scroccafusi to cicerchiata, through the crackers, the sfrappe and donuts! Enjoy your meal!

Frustingo: Typical Sweet Christmas of Marche

In this article we offer a Marche Christmas specialty: the frustingo.

The frustingo is a typical Marche cake made with dried fruit and figs. It is said to be the most ancient sweet of Marche Christmas, and that his prescription, over two thousand years ago, has passed from the Etruscan hands to those of Piceno.

Ciauscolo, the "spread" more typical of the Marches

The "spread" more typical of the Marche! Rosy, fragrant, savory flavor but delicate ... What are we talking about if not of very good ciauscolo? Have you ever tasted? 

Le Marche Del Gusto

How about diving into the taste of fried stuffed? Today chocolate creams and fried olives! What goodness!

Festa Del Vino Cotto

Back to the Del Vino Cotto Festival Now in its 28th edition.

We expect to enjoy this typical product of our area Saturday 24 and Sunday, September 25 in Lapedona from 17.00.

Do not miss it!

Marche aperitif

Fava, loin, cheese and excellent wine! What else need for a spring aperitif? A beautiful landscape of the Marches! Which would you choose?

Le Marche are waiting !!

The Passatelli in Broth: a recipe Marche

We have an idea for lunch!

A recipe with a strong and distinctive taste: Passatelli broth, a simple recipe to prepare the Marche, which normally is cooked in beef broth, but also in fish broth.

The Maritozzi Marchigiani

Soft and delicious sweet rolls, the intoxicating scent of candied orange, are great for breakfast or snack, especially filled with whipped cream. They are the "buns", an ancient recipe Marche.

The Piconi, a typical Easter

The piconi, a traditional dish picena typical of the Easter holidays. It is stuffed ravioli stuffed with soft cheese.