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Petritoli: "Someone says ... YES"

The small village of Petritoli of about 2500 inhabitants in the province of Fermo has been on the verge for a couple of years for a particular aptitude: it is the destination chosen every year by dozens of foreign couples to celebrate their wedding.
Everything was born almost by chance thanks to some tour operators in northern Europe, resident in Petritoli, who after the wedding of a young German girl advertised the event and the place even beyond national borders. Success was unbelievable and requests came right away, taking advantage of the impetus of the municipal administration that created ad hoc regulations to make the most evocative spaces in the village available.
For five years, to say the fateful, they come to this village from all over the world: Europe, Russia, Australia, United States, New Zealand, China. They are the "immigrants of the wedding". So far a hundred couples, with a minimum of fifty invited each.
In addition to the Petritoli, a large group of foreigners has bought rural ruins in recent years which have been restructured for short or long stays, and the foreign community has become the protagonist of a celebration that is annually carried out in which the typical features of their own countries in an interesting exchange that is the protagonist of all the Petritolian community made by Italians and foreigners. Also interesting is the stable initiative during the year of aperitifs where free groups meet to practice English and Italian in an informal meeting that favors the country's community cohesion.
This unexpected phenomenon has revitalized the life and economy of Petritoli, giving momentum to the emergence of new business. A beautiful example of how ideas and initiatives from the bottom, when they are also supported by municipal administrations, can lead to great results.

A holiday in the Marche at our Residence Casabianca can make you discover the beauty of this territory , its itineraries and the hidden events of a living community.

Discover Italy's Le Marche Region

We propose this Sunday Express article that speaks of our region: the Marche are the perfect place for a break from routine in relaxation and tranquility!
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Torre di Palme

We offer you a wonderful place to visit on a weekend: Palme Tower (FM), medieval outpost in the splendor of the Marche that dominates the coast and is part of the so-called fermani castles.
Famous for the aesthetic accuracy and aesthetics with which the historic buildings have been preserved, the village is one of those places where every glimpse is unique, in the narrow lanes and the wide views of the sea. A panoramic terrace on the Adriatic you will never forget!

Photo IG @mecma

The Kentish Plover

It is a volatile minute size by taxonomic name Kentish Plover: the mallards are a species of bird in danger of extinction.
He lives on the beach and in the dunes lays its eggs.
Today there are few beaches where the Kentish plover has a chance to survive.
Among these Lido di Fermo still retains all the appropriate features.
And 'the adjacent beach to the beach resort close to our Residence.
For several years, volunteers and scholars have fenced area and observe discreetly as proceeds nesting that takes place between March and June.
For nature lovers there is a good reason to combine a relaxing stay by the sea with a completely naturalistic tourism: a welcome worthy of the Marche spirit, a station for observing the Fratini, a walk listening to the lapping of the waves and a cold beer before returning to the accommodation.

The little village of Campofilone

In this photo we present Campofilone , the delightful village of Fermo enclosed by historic walls. Walking through its streets, as in many villages in our area, you will find medieval buildings and feel the scent of the ancient culinary tradition of this country: Maccheroncini di Campofilone , typical pasta egg.

The Roman Cistern Of Fermo

We present the Roman cisterns of Fermo, the oldest in Europe and still intact. A wonderful labyrinth of 30 rooms communicating with each other.
A holiday in the Marche, where there is much to discover!

The Beauty of Torre Di Palme

Dive right into the timeless beauty of Torre di Palme, wonderful village of the Fermano territory located on top of a hill with beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea.

Photo of Andrea Copparini (Instagram)