• The itineraries of the history of Marche

The itineraries of the history of Marche

- Discovering the city of Fermo: Girfalco, Cathedral, Diocesan Museum, Church of Sant'Agostino and San Zenone, Corso Cavour and Gentilizi Palaces, Matteucci Tower, Vitali Rosati Palace, Carmine Church and Monte di Pietà, Palazzo Azzolini, Piazza del Popolo and loggias, Roman cisterns, Gallery, Library, Loggia. Duration about 3 hours.

- Visit to mountains centers: Montemonaco - Old Town and the balcony of the mountains Carrier and the Sibyl; Montefortino - Palazzo Leopardi with museums, the church of San Francesco and incasato historic church of San Angelo in Montespino; Amandola - historical center, Abbey of St. Ruffino; Monte San Martino - the church of Crivelli. Duration about 5 hours.

- The balconies on the "Gulf of Venice": Torre di Palme - balcony, St. John's Church, the church of St. Augustine with paintings by Vincenzo Pagani and Vittore Crivelli, Priory Palace, Church of Santa Maria a Mare (high), alleys. Visit to Cupra Marittima high - medieval castle and incasato. It lasted about 3.5 hours.

- Route for Abbeys: Holy Cross in Sant'Elpidio a Mare; Santa Maria a Pie 'di Chienti (Montecosaro); San Rocciano Corridonia; San Claudio Corridonia; Santa Maria di Chiaravalle of Fiastra of Urbisaglia. Duration about 5 hours.

- Romano-Benedictine-Longobardo Itinerary: Santa Vittoria in Matenano - Farfensi chapel with frescoes; Servigliano - the perfect city; Piane di Falerone with the Roman theater; Falerone - the Lombard church of San Paolino and the Old Town; Montegiorgio - Farfense chapel and Augustine monastery. It lasted about 4 hours.

- Routes of suggestion: San Martino; Smerillo - Torre, balcony, Fessa; Montefalcone - Rupe, Town Hall, Museum with Alamanno; Marnacchia of Amandola; Lake of San Ruffino and San Ruffino abbey. It lasted about 4 hours.

- Routes small villages: Monterubbiano - Sforza walls, Pagani Museum, historic churches; Moresco - Old Town and Tower heptagonal; Petritoli - historical center; Monte Rinaldo - Temple of Jupiter and incasato. It lasted about four hours.