The dessert of Porto San Giorgio: L 'Amandovulo

Today we will tell you what the sangiorgese Christmas cake is par excellence: the Amandovulo.
Of Turin origin, it owes its coastal development thanks to the pastry chef Luigi Gaviorno, who moved to Porto San Giorgio by opening the Turin Pastry Shop, which has been one of the city symbols for decades.
The Amandovulo immediately broke through the hearts and palates of the Sangiorgesi, thanks to its fragrance, the crunchiness and the external glaze with dark chocolate on which a toasted hazelnut grain is applied.
Did we intrigue you? Then here is the recipe:

Ingredients: 4 egg yolks 2 whole eggs 120 gr of almonds (strictly Italian, the foreign ones risk changing the consistency of the dessert) 20 g of starch 20 g of flour 20 g of bitter almonds 150 gr of sugar 50 gr butter peel d grated orange to taste ; dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts.

Preparation: crush the almonds with a little sugar, until it is reduced to powder. Then whip the eggs with the sugar and mix the other ingredients one by one, leaving the butter last. It is important to mix the ingredients by hand, so as not to disassemble too much, but only the necessary, previously whipped eggs. Mix all the ingredients, melted butter can be added. Pour the dough into rectangular molds and bake at 180 for about 30 minutes. Remove the cake from the mold, and let it rest until the next day. At that point you can proceed with the dark chocolate glaze and the application of the toasted hazelnuts grains on all four sides.

They stop land of chefs

The Espresso 2020 guide has been released and this year the young and talented Sangiorgese chef Nikita Sergeev has also collected prizes. His restaurant, "L'Arcade", has been awarded both for the best value for money and for the best digital communication. The restaurant has always stood out for its obsessive care in the needs and needs of customers.
Important awards were also made by "The Fork" at the new "Retroscena" restaurant by Pierpaolo Ferracuti and by the "Michelin" guide to the award-winning "Damiani e Rossi" by Aurelio Damiani.

The Sangiorgese soup

As every year the appointments with the real Brodetto Sangiorgese return.
The initiative is now in its seventh year and during the next 3 months it will be possible to taste the typical specialty in all the restaurants that have joined the circuit. The first evening will be scheduled on Friday 29 March at the "Il Caminetto" restaurant.
On 5 April we continue to the chalet "Delfino Verde". In the calendar follow the chalet "Matilda" (April 12), tavern "Le Frattine Von Ludwig" (April 19), restaurant "L'arcade" (April 26), the chalet "Quadrifoglio (May 3), the chalet" Canto Do Mar ”(10 May), the“ Stern ”pizza restaurant (17 May), the“ Campanelli ”restaurant (31 May) and the“ David Palace ”hotel (7 June).
The next annual cycle will then resume in August. The use of frozen fish is prohibited in the preparation of the Sangiorgese broth. The catch must be strictly from the central Adriatic and there is an obligation to use local products and ingredients, from bread to oil.

Il Fermano, land of culinary excellence

The 2018 Espresso Guide has been released and this year too many restaurants in Fermo are awarded.
Some new entries and many awaited confirmations. Pierpaolo Ferracuti's "backstage" restaurant appears on the national scene, which despite having only opened for a few months in the historic center of Porto San Giorgio, has already been reported on espresso as well as evaluated by Gambero Rosso 77/100 (a fork).
He reconfirms his Aurelio Damiani "hat" of the "Trattoria Damiani & Rossi", called a trattoria, but much more in reality: a classy restaurant, with a solid and always up-to-date preparation, which has been run by the great gourmets for years. This is confirmed by the further growth from 80 to 81/100 and two forks for the Gambero Rosso 2019.
The restaurant offer by Nikita Sergeev, chef of the restaurant "L'Arcade", which confirms the two "hats" for Espresso together with an exponential increase for the Gambero Rosso which assigns him 82/100 and two forks, is also constantly developing compared to 79/100 and a fork in 2018.
We must also add the kitchens of Trattoria Lorè and Trattoria Marmetta with their traditional proposals, of absolute taste and quality that have been noticed by the Gambero Rosso and both marked with 2 prawns out of 3 for the Trattoria category.

Cooked Wine Festival

In this weekend Lapedona becomes the right place to spend a pleasant evening, whether it is a meeting with friends or that it becomes a stop for a wine walk. In the streets of the town, you can taste fried pizzas, cold cuts and cheeses, accompanied by cooked wine.

Wheat and Hop

Five days dedicated to beer, but also to the promotion of other typical local products and of the whole "Marca Fermana" territory: this is the meaning of the wheat and hops operation , the event which will be in its seventh from 13 to 17 September edition, the third in Piazza del Popolo in Fermo after the beginnings in Sant'Elpidio a Mare.

Musical tastings at the Carmelite Cloister

Musical tastings at the Carmelite cloister (“Pergolesi” conservatory) are underway. The first appointment is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday 28 June, at 9pm . At the end of the concert of the " Sax Ensemble" and the "Wind Orchestra" of the conservatory conducted by Roberta Silvestrini , tastings of the Nuove Radici di Altidona farm will be offered accompanied by glasses from the Le Vigne di Franca di Fermo winery. An initiative born from the collaboration between the Conservatory and the "Slow food" conduct of Fermano with the patronage of the Councilorship for Culture of the Municipality.
Appointments also on 5.12 and 16 July.
Hearing and taste combine to create an aesthetic experience in the literal sense of the term.
Do not miss!

Invite me to drink at Riva Fiorita!

Wine Salad invites you to drink in the splendid setting of Riva Fiorita in Porto San Giorgio, on June 2, 2018. You can enjoy the June sun, meet the producers and interact with the sommeliers, while in the background the music will begin to make you feel in the middle of the beautiful season...
Many wineries will participate in this event, where you can taste wines accompanied by pleasant tastes of local excellence.

An irresistible opportunity to savor our excellence and spend an intoxicating evening!

Open Cellars

Cantine Aperte is back again this year, the event most loved by the Wine Tourism Movement, scheduled for Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May.

From tastings to visiting the vineyards, there will be many activities that will characterize the local wineries. It will be possible to visit the composition of the vineyards, have the entire production cycle illustrated and obviously taste the best of the production.

Over the years Cantine Aperte has become a philosophy, a style of travel and discovery of the territories of Italian wine, which sees, year after year, more and more tourists, curious and passionate about approaching the cellars, eager to have an experience different from the common . In addition to the possibility of tasting the wines and buying them directly on the farm, it is possible to enter the cellars to discover the secrets of winemaking and aging.

Easter donuts

Prepared according to an ancient recipe perfected by the so-called "rods" - the housewives of the Marche region - who begin to knead the donuts on Good Friday, the day of Christ's passion to let them rest and then cook them on Easter. Tradition says that, for optimal results, donuts must be cooked in a wood oven

The right reward for the Mediterranean Diet

In 2018 the sixty years of the launch of the Seven Countries Study are celebrated, the investigation that started from the Land of Marca that led to the discovery and scientific validation of the Mediterranean Diet as a rule of life and well-being.

The survey of the US magazine "US News and world report" that rewards the Mediterranean Diet as the best for health is also part of this event. The simplicity of the diet, the richness and variety of foods, the easy sustainability over time and the propensity to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease contributed to this recognition.

The characteristics of the Mediterranean diet are: abundant foods of vegetable origin (fruit, vegetables, vegetables, bread and cereals, potatoes, beans and other legumes, nocid, seeds), fresh, natural, seasonal, of local origin; fresh fruit as a daily dessert, sweets containing refined sugars or honey a few times a week; olive oil as the main source of fat; dairy products (mainly cheeses and yoghurt) consumed daily in modest quantities; fish and poultry consumed from zero to four eggs per week; red meats in moderate quantities; wine generally consumed during the meal.

On your next holiday in the Marche you can eat healthy, discover the secrets of our healthy Mediterranean diet and relax by the sea.

2017: vintage of excellence

Our region has always been characterized by its culinary and food excellence, recognized and valued by all of Italy.
L? vintage 2017 in particular has been particularly prolific for the vineyards and olive trees that fill our hills.
Oil and wine, which are the driving force of the Marche agricultural production, have in fact benefited from the particular climatic conditions of this year to excel in all their quality.
The high temperatures and l? absence of heavy rains led to an advance of the harvest of a few weeks, generating a wine of excellent quality since, due to the effect of drought, there was a tendency to a lower presence of plant diseases and consequently healthy grapes.
Me too? olive growing has reserved an excellent harvest, with abundant and quality oil. Production is growing compared to last year and the yield has been around 10% of olive extraction, an excellent result. As for the quality, the round iblea of this? year is healthy and has remained in excellent condition on? tree. In addition, once ground, it conveys an exceptional round fragrance and aroma.
Next summer, during your beach holiday in the Marche region, you can taste our typical products in all their excellence.
As usual we will offer you our food and wine itineraries where you can meet the producers, relive their passion and their skilful technique that comes from an ancient tradition, as well as taste the excellent product of the 2017 vintage in the cellars and mills.
Even in our welcome aperitifs, as usual, you will be able to appreciate the goodness of our cured meats and wines.

Il Fermano, land of culinary excellence.

Fermano proves for the umpteenth time a land of welcome and delicacies, where hospitality is accompanied by an excellent culinary tradition. In fact, three restaurants in Fermano were awarded the Espresso Guide 2018, the only ones in the entire provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Fermo. These are in particular the sangiorgesi "Arcade" by Nikita Sergeev and "Damiani & Rossi" by Aurelio Damiani together with the Fermano "Emilio" by Danilo Bei. Two golden hats went to Arcade, to Damiani & Rossi a hat with the special "Trattoria Award" added, a hat also to Emilio. The restaurant therefore proves to be a source of pride and tip for the territory , whose businesses they are always distinguished by their cordiality, professionalism and excellent value for money. Those who have visited our area have already been able to verify the breadth of the food and wine offer and its quality. From festivals to small restaurants with local specialties up to the excellence awarded by the Espresso Guide. A knowledge remains essential to understand who actually uses the short chain of local producers who guarantees the quality of the raw material and certainly the awarded excellence are among them, but also many small businesses base their excellent gastronomic performances on the use of this chain. On the other hand our territory is the home of the Mediterranean Diet studied and validated by the famous team led by the famous American scientist Angel Keyes who has studied nutrition in our territories for decades, scientifically certifying the validity of this diet. Therefore an ancient tradition that has generated knowledge and methods that are the basis of the excellent results of our diet.Another reason to choose the Fermano for a holiday in the Marche, letting yourself be pampered by the beauty of our beaches and enjoying our food and wine delicacies on the shore at the sea.

Bread and ... Ciauscolo

We tempt you with ... pane e ciauscolo , one of the most typical cold cuts of the Marche region, delicious to spread on bread. Have you ever tasted it?

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The Brodetto alla Sangiorgese

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Specialties of the Val d'Aso

We present a beautiful area rich in agriculture that is located in the Fermo area: the Val D'Aso and we want to do it with the tasty, succulent and very sweet fruit that is produced there. Come and taste it in the #Marche !

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Amandovolo - Typical Easter Marchigiana

Amandovolo is the Marche dessert with almonds and chocolate typical of the Easter period.
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Frustingo: Typical Marche Christmas Cake

In this article we offer you a Christmas specialty from the Marche region: frustingo.

Frustingo is a typical Marche dessert made with dried fruit and figs. It is said that it is the oldest Christmas cake in the Marche region, and that its recipe, more than two thousand years ago, passed from Etruscan to Picene hands.

Ciauscolo, the? Spreadable? more typical of the Marche

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The Marche Del Gusto

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Cooked Wine Festival

The Cooked Wine Festival returns to its 28th edition.

We are waiting for you to taste this typical product of our area on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September in Lapedona from 17.00.

Do not miss!

Marchigiano aperitif

Fava bean, loin, pecorino cheese and excellent wine! What else do you need for a spring aperitif? A beautiful Marche landscape! Which one would you choose?

The Marche await you !!

Passatelli in Broth: a Marche recipe

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A recipe with a decisive and characteristic taste: Passatelli in broth, a simple Marche recipe to prepare, which is normally cooked in meat broth, but also in fish broth.

The Maritozzi Marchigiani

Soft and delicious sweet rolls, with an intoxicating scent of candied orange, are excellent for breakfast or a snack, especially stuffed with whipped cream. They are the 'maritozzi', an ancient Marche recipe.

I Piconi, an Easter typicality

The piconi, a dish of the Piceno tradition typical of the Easter holidays. These are ravioli stuffed with a soft cheese filling.