Le Marche sulla guida del Corriere

Unica regione italiana ad aver conservato il nome plurale, le Marche sono espressione di una pluralità di identità che si esprime anche dal punto di vista paesaggistico, tra cime innevate d’inverno e spiagge di sabbia finissima d’estate. Quindici, nel 2019, le Bandiere Blu (tra cui la nostra bellissima spiaggia) che certificano la qualità delle acque, dei servizi e della gestione ambientale di altrettante località di mare della regione adriatica. Ma le Marche sono anche un museo a cielo aperto, tra borghi e città d’arte che rievocano i fasti rinascimentali della regione.  Culla della cultura italiana e meta amata dai pellegrini, le Marche sono un centro nevralgico della spiritualità cristiana, grazie alla presenza di Loreto, il più grande santuario mariano d’Italia. E poi ci sono due parchi nazionali (Monti Sibillini e Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga) e ben quattro parchi regionali.
Insomma, ne avete per tutti i gusti. Non vi resta che venire a trovarci!

le Marche fra le regioni più belle del mondo

Un altro importante riconoscimento per la nostra regione è arrivato dalla celebre guida "Lovely Planet", che ha inserito le Marche, unica italiana, al secondo posto fra regioni al mondo da visitare, consigliata per un viaggio all' insegna dell' esplorazione e della scoperta di luoghi incantevoli. 
Quello che ha colpito sono state le verdi colline, gli interminabili vigneti, le splendide spiagge, le città d' arte, la tranquillità della regione e la cordialità degli abitanti. 
Questo non è che l'ultimo degli importanti riconoscimenti ricevuti negli ultimi anni, in un' escalation continua che sta portando la nostra meravigliosa regione alla ribalta nelle cronache mondiali. 
Beh, non resta che venire a visitarla!

Montefiore dell 'Aso: the hill of painters

On the hilly ridge that rises between the valleys of the river Aso and the Menocchia stream lies Montefiore dell'Aso, a delightful village in the Piceno area that has become famous for its pictorial views, so much so that it has been included in the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
In the small village of Montefiore dell'Aso, Adolfo De Carolis was born, protagonist of Italian idealist and symbolist art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. But not only: here Carlo Crivelli found his ideal environment and became Domenico Cantatore honorary citizen. All three artists have left their mark in this small town, bewitched by the enchanting views and precious testimonies of the historical past.
Among the characteristic places of this small village: Belvedere De Carolis, the Collegiate Church of Saint Lucia, the Convent of San Francesco with the altarpiece by Carlo Crivelli and the church of San Filippo Neri.

New opening of the archaeological museum in Torre di Palme

Starting from April, the splendid village of Torre di Palme has opened the doors of the new archaeological museum which presents to the public the virtuous discovery of two important necropolises of the Picena age in the district of Cugnolo in Torre di Palme. The Piceno population is widely told in this museum through the funerary objects of the people who populated Torre di Palme and are a great start to get to know this area so loved by Pliny the Elder who especially appreciated the "picenum" wine.
Bronzes, shells, beads, amber, spindles and fusaiole are just some of the beautiful artifacts displayed in this museum: a visit with the children is enriched by didactic panels and clothing reconstruction through display cases set up for explanation.
Starting from June 1st the archaeological museum and all the museums of Fermo are open every day!

Exhibition of Bansky in Osimo

Until July 7th in Palazzo Campana in Osimo you can visit the exhibition dedicated to the great street art artist Bansky.
Originally from Bristol, Banksy represents the greatest case of popularity for a living artist since Andy Warhol. Between 2002 and 2009 he published 46 images on paper that he sold through his "Print house" Prints on walls in commercial Rd of London. In Osimo a selection of the best 30 will be exhibited, those that have decreed the planetary success of one of the most complex and intuitive artists of this time. On display then his most famous images, those that have earned high popularity through global sharing on social media.

The Fermo Library on National Geographic

Another important recognition for Fermo.
On the National Geographic home page the image of the globe room stands out as a cover for the best Italian libraries.
After the finds found in Torre di Palme of the new archaeological museum and the subject of a service in recent months on National Geographic, it is the second interest of the prestigious newspaper to our cultural heritage that contributes to give them visibility and promotion, as evidence of cultural richness of our territory.

Blue Flag for Fermo

Also this year, for the seventh consecutive time, she was awarded the Blue Flag.
The important recognition rewards the Administrations that implement actions and initiatives with the aim of producing environmental improvements in the field of bathing water quality, waste collection, energy consumption, information and environmental education, promotion tourist-environmental and spatial planning.
In particular the beaches and the sea of Fermano are the real flower in the buttonhole. Cleanliness, tranquility and care for the greenery have also contributed to this year's award.

Franciscan Way of the Brand

A spiritual walk, six days to walk to Ascoli starting from Assisi. It is the Franciscan Way of the Brand that will take place from April 24th to May 1st, crossing two regions and sixteen municipalities, of which thirteen are from the Marches.
A spiritual and cultural pilgrimage divided into eight stages that passes through dirt roads and paths, touching places of great artistic and naturalistic value, retracing the same path that St. Francis followed in 1215 in his preaching to the southern Marche.
The Franciscan Way of the Brand offers a unique and extraordinary variety of natural beauty, architectural and spiritual treasures.
The Way touches four parks: that of Mount Subasio, that of Altolina, that of Colfiorito and the National Park of the Sibillini.

Green flag in the Fermano area

Another important recognition arrives for the beaches of Fermano.
Our area in fact, in particular Porto San Giorgio, is one of the 200 places in Italy awarded with the green flag for the excellence of family tourism.
Sandy beach, shallow waters that allow children to play in absolute safety, equipment dedicated to the little ones, adequate and ample space between the umbrellas, opportunities for recreation and fun for parents, beach attendants and the presence in the vicinity of bars, restaurants and premises capable of responding to the various needs of children. These are the characteristics that have brought our beaches and our city to this important recognition.
A further proof that we have the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday by the sea for you and your children!

Great basketball in Porto San Giorgio

Il Fermano also stands out for its sporting excellence and its organizational skills.
From Friday 1 to Saturday 3 in fact Porto San Giorgio will be the center of national basketball and will host the A2 Italian Cup finals.
The event, organized by the home team, Poderosa Montegranaro, will see the best 8 teams of the second national category compete on the Palasavelli floor.
A weekend of great sport, entertainment, many side events that will showcase the efficiency and hospitality of a territory to be discovered.
Not only tourism and culture, therefore, but also the great sport, always in the DNA of the splendid Sangiorgese town.

Jury Chechi in love with the Marche region

The world champion in the gym Jury Chechi fell in love with the Marche region and chose it as the ideal place for his entrepreneurial life, do you know why?
According to the great champion, the Marche offers one of the most beautiful areas in the world. The sea and the hills are very close to each other, from these often a glimpse of the sea opens up which creates wonderful views that run as far as the eye can see towards the Sibylline on one side and towards the horizon of the sea on the other.
The friendliness and helpfulness of the Marches enrich the area by creating a relaxing and pleasant lifestyle that is very suitable for those who want to leave the stress of everyday life behind them.
Dulcis in fundo the Marche fried food that delights the various food and wine of the area: fried olives in Ascoli and fried cremini are the dishes that the sample finds delicious, not to mention the excellent fresh fish from the many varieties offered by our sea.
We also look forward to seeing you in the land of the Marche!

Roman cisterns

Today we take you to discover one of the most beautiful places in Fermo and our region: the Roman cisterns.
The cisterns, of the Augustan age, are about 2 thousand years old and are still perfectly preserved. They are a gigantic work (they are the largest in Europe, more than 2000 square meters in size), they are located under the historic center of Fermo and are the perfect expression of Roman engineering.
They consist of 30 underground rooms arranged on 3 rows communicating with each other. the sloping ground drained the water while the barrel vaults had ventilation systems that kept the drinking water, while allowing perfect maintenance.

The romantic itineraries of the Marca Fermana

Through the book "The great love stories of the land of Marca" by Adolfo leoni, we can take inspiration for a romantic itinerary through the province.
Through the stories, the author takes us on a journey that you will not easily forget and that we present to you today. The stories are part of folk tales and fascinating stories that deserve to be told.
The journey begins with the love story between Imelda and Lotario and the Abbey of Santa Croce in Chienti, stories of other times, of knights, monks and warriors. The second stop is the place of lovers in Belmonte Piceno, then the story of Cerreto (a hamlet of the small town of Montegiorgio) that takes us back in time with the story of a Templar knight who escaped persecution. Places of love are also the Sibillini with his Sibyl, an unknown woman, Goddess and certainly a beloved woman. There is the wonderful Matteucci Tower in Fermo, a place that is not often mentioned in the guides but essential. There is also the best-known story that takes us to the Cave of Lovers in Torre di Palme where two lovers find themselves and commit suicide rather than live a distant life.
In short, a land to be discovered and discovered by combining a wonderful holiday by the sea!

New recognition for the Marche Region

After the times of the times, another important literary recognition arrives for the Marche Region.
The first Norwegian tourism magazine, the Reiselyst, has in fact dedicated two special pages on the Marche.
All thanks to the initiative of the Tu.Ris.Marche cooperative which hosted the leaders of the famous magazine through a breathtaking tour to discover the Marche and its secrets.
The authors have remained entranced by the region, so much so as to call it "Italia i miniatyr", Italy in miniature, enhancing the authenticity of the territories and the possibility of quickly reaching the sea from the mountain, crossing valleys rich in gastronomic excellence.
In pole position among the places to visit in the brands there are the Valdaso and the Sibillini, with their valleys rich in fruits.
In the first place for wine we see the excellence of the Castrum Morisci di Moresco winery, which we remember is distinguished by the vinification in amphorae and the production of traditional cooked wine. Inside the cellar, pleasant "sensory experiences" can be organized. In second place we have the unmissable experience of the "Truffle Hunt" organized by the Tu.Ris.Marche Cooperative in collaboration with the "Agriturismo Ramusè" accommodation facility. The third position is given to the Borgo di Torre di Palme, remembered for its beauty and romanticism.
The editor also highlights the Borgo di Petritoli, now a location of international renown, for the significant experience in tourist hospitality and its characteristic of ideal Destination Wedding for couples from all over the world.

The Times rewards the Marche

The Times also notices our beautiful region.
The famous British newspaper has in fact dedicated an entire page on the Marche and its beauties, focusing in particular on our area, the northern one, defined as "the most secret region of Italy".
Various in-depth studies are dedicated to the province of Fermo and Macerata, with particular reference to Recanati and its Leopardian sites, Loreto with the beautiful Cathedral and the House of the Holy Mother, the beaches with their clear and clean water. Obviously, we could not miss a special paragraph on the culinary excellences of the area, defined "among the delicacies of Central Italy".
If the Times also highlights us well, all you have to do is get into the car and come and visit us for yourself!

The beauties of the Marche in New York

The beauties of the Marche on display in New York, also present Neri Marcorè .

The photographic exhibition "Places and Landscapes of the Marche" opens in New York on December 15th, promoted by the MIA - Marchigiani in America association. Twenty photos, selected through a competition, will tell the beauty of the Marche from the walls of Scavolini's showroom in Soho. The actor, imitator and presenter from the Marche Neri Marcorè will award the author of the most beautiful photo, arrived from Castelfidardo (Ancona) for the occasion.

The history and culture of the Marche region are framed by enchanting mountain ranges, colorful hills, valleys and beaches. Making this beauty known in the USA is precisely the aim of the photo exhibition "Places and Landscapes of the Marche", organized by the MIA association.

Le Marche, a region to live

Do you still have doubts about living in the Marche region? Ok, we'll take them away from you!
The famous American magazine Forbes has included the Marches among the 24 regions in the world where people live better and where should one go to enjoy their well-deserved retirement?
The reasons? There are so many!
First of all, the quality of life. The tranquility of our area and of our hills are well suited to those who want to escape the chaos of the big cities. The Marche is the region with the highest longevity rates and the lowest pollution rate.
There are many culinary excellences in the region. Our products go directly from the producer to the consumer and are of the highest quality. Genuine and natural.
The morphological conformation of the territory and its immense artistic heritage make the Marche region a region suitable for all types of tourism. In a few kilometers you can go from the beautiful beaches to the green Sibillini natural parks! You can combine a relaxing beach holiday with an adventurous mountain excursion.
Have I dispelled all doubts? Then come and visit the Marche!

Il Fermano: an itinerant territory!

Did you think that the beauties of our territory remained confined here? Well you were wrong!
The image of Torre di Palme, "The most beautiful village in Italy", will roam the Milan trams along the streets of Milan.
The initiative, promoted by the Marche Region, is aimed at emphasizing the beauty of the area in the year dedicated to Lorenzo Lotto.
The village of Torre di Palme, from this year indicated as the most beautiful village in Italy, has always been used by the Marche Region as a vehicle for promotion.

The grape harvest in the Marche region

Il Fermano has always been a land of tradition and culinary excellence. In particular, grape harvesting has always combined quantity and quality. The vineyards, thanks above all to the ideal climatic conditions, to the effort and expertise of our farmers, produce some of the best wines in the country. The accuracy of the harvest, in many parts still with the traditional method, allows the flavor to be left intact and to bring to the table a fine product.
2018 in particular will be a vintage of excellent quality. The white wines, thanks to the fluctuating climate, will be balanced and rich in aromas. The reds will be bright, fragrant and full of balance. The collections, according to estimates, will be at least 20% more than in previous years, with a significant increase in exports.
Among the flowers in the buttonhole of the local production stand out in particular Pecorino and Passerina, precious white wines that our customers have always had the pleasure of tasting during the welcome aperitifs we offer weekly.

The quality of the Fermane waters has been confirmed. It's Blue Flag!

There are four locations in the province of Fermo that have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag of Fee Italy (Foundation for environmental education) which is attributed to the Italian coasts.
In the evaluation phase carried out by the national jury, institutions such as the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, the Ministry of Agricultural Policies, regions, the General Command of the Capitanerie, Ispra, the National Council of Chemists and the Anci, as well as private organizations such as the seaside unions and the Fin.

The beaches of Porto Sant'Elpidio (waterfront), Fermo (Lido of Fermo Casabianca, Marina Palmense), Porto San Giorgio (coast) and Pedaso (waterfront of the singer-songwriters) have received awards.
The Blue Flag, besides being a coveted recognition, is an incentive for everyone to improve even more.


The tourist port of Porto San Giorgio increasingly at the center of regional tourism development. Through fishing tourism and sea excursions, from today you can discover the naturalistic wonders of the Adriatic, in an original and eco-sustainable way to get to know the sea and look at it from various angles. With In Blu Sustainable Tourism in the Adriatic, you can turn a simple holiday into a journey of intense emotions, where fishing turns into a moment of learning and pleasure in spending a day at the beach. Going out in the boat with the local fishermen, you will be able to see them withdraw their nets, admire the coast from the sea, see the dolphins and experience our sunsets. You can choose to participate in a particular tasting, live unforgettable experiences related to our territory and the seasonality of nature. Cea organizer "Ambiente Mare"

Our storyteller at the BIT in Milan!

At the invitation of the mayor of Fermo, Adolfo brought his knowledge of the Marca land to the famous Milanese tourism exhibition.
Using the anecdotes and experience in his possession, he made the territory of the Marca known through a picturesque fictional scenario, where a "young gentleman" of the '700, during his Grand Tour, visited the Fermo hills and savored all their history, secrets and traditions.

Come and visit us and you will discover the beauty of our land!

Quality Fair and the success of the Mediterranean Diet

Even this? year, the fourth edition of the "Fiera delle Qualità" was successfully held.
In the splendid location of Palazzo Sant? Agostino a Montegiorgio, between exhibits and conferences the theme of the Mediterranean Diet was studied in depth as a backbone of living well in the Land of Brand. It is not just a simple exhibition of local food products, but a micro cosmos where the philosophy of the? Mediterranean Diet? takes shape: smelling, savoring and experiencing the healthy style that has characterized the people of the area for centuries.
THE? initiative, promoted by the Piceno Laboratory of the Mediterranean diet and by the Municipality of Montegiorgio, has been articulated between moments of meeting with the participating exhibitors and meetings of comparison through the very interesting conferences.
The Mediterranean Diet is not just a food, but much more. It promotes l? social interaction and has given rise to a remarkable body of knowledge, songs, maxims, stories and legends. The Diet is based on respect for the territory and biodiversity, and guarantees the conservation and development of traditional activities and trades related to fishing and agriculture in the Mediterranean communities.
One of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet is l? extra virgin olive oil, of which our land represents a? excellence at national level. The olive harvest in the Fermo area represents a true and timeless tradition, whose cult reappears every year with unchanged ferment. The care taken in processing and the artisan techniques refined over the years make our oil a strong point on the national scene.
In your next vacation in the Marche you can taste these typical products.

The Saltarello: tradition and folklore

The Marche is a territory full of stories and traditions. The folk groups are certainly a very important part of it and the Saltarello is one of the best examples.
Saltarello is a traditional courtship dance that spread throughout central Italy, particularly in the Marche region. There is no single version of the saltarello, because each area has created its own variant and its own choreography. It is a dance that is done in pairs, with rare dance forms in four or in a circle.
II saltarello derives from the Latin word saltatio , a sacred Roman dance, which the Salii priests performed during certain holidays and important occasions for the community. The very ancient origins of saltatio are proved by the fact that the Salii priests, during their performances, wore costumes that recalled the clothing of the ancient central Italic warriors of the VIII BC
The archaeological findings in the Marche testify that the Picenes had a ritual of armed dance, in all probability previous or at least coeval, to that in use among the Romans. From the seventeenth century the saltarello became the main traditional dance of central Italy. Its local variants are still practiced and known today. As for the instruments, the saltarello is danced accompanied by organetto and tambourine.
The saltarello still contains the soul of those who live in the Piceno area : its steps and its music are not just a dance, but a way of understanding life, of exorcising evil and celebrating the fullness that only love for Nature can testify. Dancing the saltarello is a way to understand where we come from, who we continue to be, where we can go.
The beauty of our territory, to discover and visit!

Go on vacation with the animals ... now you can!

Today, animals, and dogs in general, are becoming more and more true family members. Going on holiday by the sea with the dog or cat is the ideal solution to share tranquility and fun with your four-legged friends, and it has become the priority of many families who do not want to deprive themselves of their company or have no one to leave them behind.
The problems encountered can above all be logistical, in finding places and structures where animals are accepted and accepted.
Fortunately, in recent years the situation is changing and more and more facilities and locations are opening up to welcome these fantastic 4-legged animals.
Our area, which has always been at the forefront of tourism, is no exception. Together with the various dog shows that are organized each year by our countries (Fermo, Porto Sant 'Elpidio and Sant' Elpidio a Mare), the municipal administrations are creating more and more free areas for dogs to access and the structures are always organizing and specializing more for the reception. Furthermore l? ARCI CSAA Hunting Section Secrets The Marche Region will organize in our region in 2018 at least four events of the national championship of the national dog show.

Our facility, which has been home to animals for years, was one of the first in the sector to create special spaces where animals can be free to have fun and families can enjoy their holidays in the best way without creating any inconvenience to others who do not they have this passion as private gardens and access to bungalows are all fenced and protected.
There is nothing better than enjoying a holiday by the sea in the Marche with your four-legged friend ... ..

Monte Rinaldo .. art and history!

In La Cuma di Monte Rinaldo, in the middle Valley of the Aso river, there is one of the most suggestive archaeological sites of all the Marche. Here, in 1957, the architectural remains of an important Hellenistic sanctuary of the late Republican age, still subject to archaeological investigations by scholars, were identified.
Of the structure, a portico originally 66 m long and divided into two naves by a double row of tufa columns of different heights (four Ionic with capitals in Ionic Italic order and seven external Doric ones) was brought to light, the foundations of a wall with large blocks of tufa delimiting the sacred area, a well, channels and a water system. In the west part of the portico there is a rectangular room of uncertain destination with three Ionic columns between two pilasters while in the front part you can see the foundations of the temple that had to be raised on a podium. Along with the remains of the structure, various clay slabs of covering and terracotta figures in high relief that were supposed to belong to the frontal decoration of the temple were also found. It remains uncertain which is the historical and archaeological context in which it is possible to insert the complex as the divinity to which it was dedicated even if the presence of various elements such as the well, the channels etc. they would suggest a relationship with the rituals of Sanatio related to water.

This year, for the 60th anniversary of the first discoveries, the excavation activities that allowed to bring to light and catalog new finds and historical testimonies have been resumed, after decades of arrest. Among the new findings, we note the presence of terracotta architectural decorations with numerous traces of color still vivid and well preserved.

As always, our territory is rich in many of its facets, and is ideal for enjoying a beach holiday immersed in history!

Petritoli: "Some say ... YES"

The small village of Petritoli of about 2500 inhabitants in the province of Fermo, for some years has risen to prominence for a? particular attitude: it is the destination chosen every year by dozens of foreign couples to celebrate their marriage.
It all started almost by chance thanks to some tour operators in northern Europe, residents in Petritoli, who after the marriage of a couple of young Germans advertised the event and the place beyond national borders. The success was incredible and the requests arrived immediately, exploiting also the l? impulse dell? municipal administration that created ad hoc regulations to make the most suggestive spaces of the village available.
For five years, to say the fateful yes, they have come to this village from all over the world: Europe, Russia, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, China. Are the "wedding immigrants"? So far a hundred couples, with a minimum of fifty guests each.
In the surroundings of Petritoli, moreover, a large group of foreigners in recent years have bought country ruins that have been restructured for short or long stays and the foreign community has become the protagonist of a party that is held annually in which the typical products are valued. of their own countries in an interesting exchange that sees the whole community of Italy made by Italians and foreigners as the protagonist. Also very interesting is the stable initiative during the year of the aperitifs in which free groups meet to practice the English and Italian language in an informal meeting that favors the community cohesion of the country.
This unexpected phenomenon has revitalized life and economy of Petritoli, giving impetus to the birth of new commercial activities. A beautiful example of how bottom-up ideas and initiatives, when they are also supported by municipal administrations, can lead to great results.

A holiday in the Marche at our Residence Casabianca can make you discover the beauty of this territory , its itineraries and the hidden events of a living community.

Discover Italy's Le Marche Region

We propose this Sunday Express article that speaks of our region: the Marche are the perfect place for a break from routine in relaxation and tranquility!
Read the article

Torre di Palme

We offer you a wonderful place to visit on a weekend: Palme Tower (FM), medieval outpost in the splendor of the Marche that dominates the coast and is part of the so-called fermani castles.
Famous for the aesthetic accuracy and aesthetics with which the historic buildings have been preserved, the village is one of those places where every glimpse is unique, in the narrow lanes and the wide views of the sea. A panoramic terrace on the Adriatic you will never forget!

Photo IG @mecma

The Kentish Plover

It is a volatile minute size by taxonomic name Kentish Plover: the mallards are a species of bird in danger of extinction.
He lives on the beach and in the dunes lays its eggs.
Today there are few beaches where the Kentish plover has a chance to survive.
Among these Lido di Fermo still retains all the appropriate features.
And 'the adjacent beach to the beach resort close to our Residence.
For several years, volunteers and scholars have fenced area and observe discreetly as proceeds nesting that takes place between March and June.
For nature lovers there is a good reason to combine a relaxing stay by the sea with a completely naturalistic tourism: a welcome worthy of the Marche spirit, a station for observing the Fratini, a walk listening to the lapping of the waves and a cold beer before returning to the accommodation.

The little village of Campofilone

In this photo we present Campofilone , the delightful village of Fermo enclosed by historic walls. Walking through its streets, as in many villages in our area, you will find medieval buildings and feel the scent of the ancient culinary tradition of this country: Maccheroncini di Campofilone , typical pasta egg.

The Roman Cistern Of Fermo

We present the Roman cisterns of Fermo, the oldest in Europe and still intact. A wonderful labyrinth of 30 rooms communicating with each other.
A holiday in the Marche, where there is much to discover!

The Beauty of Torre Di Palme

Dive right into the timeless beauty of Torre di Palme, wonderful village of the Fermano territory located on top of a hill with beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea.

Photo of Andrea Copparini (Instagram)