• Gli Itinerari Della Marca

The itineraries in La Marca Fermana

All the itineraries could include taste routes through which you can discover vineyards and wineries, ?ciauscoli? (it?s a kind of salami), cheeses, new and ancient cookings of local traditional masters.

    1. The itineraries of the Marca history


    • Discover the city of Fermo. Time: 3 hours
    • Visit to the mountain villages: Montemonaco, Montefortino, Amandola, Monte San Martino. Time: 5 hours
    • The balconies on the “Gulf of Venice”: Torre di Palme, Cupra Marittima. Time: 3h30
    • Abbeys itineraries: Sant’elpidio a mare, Montecosaro, Corridonia, Urbisaglia. Time: 5 hours
    • Roman-Benedictine-Lombard itinerary: Santa Vittoria in matenato, Servigliano, Piane di falerone, Falerone, Montegiorgio. Time: 4 hours.
    • Awesomeness itineraries: Smerillo, Montefalcone, Amandola. Time: 4 hours.
    • Itineraries to small villages: Monterubbiano, Moresco, Petritoli, Monte Rinaldo. Time: 4 hours.
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    2. The itineraries of fashion

    • Petritoli: Alberto Fermani (shoes)
    • Porto Sant’Elpidio: Loriblu (shoes)
    • Montegranaro: Giorgio Paponi (shoes)
    • Montappone: Lidia Mochi and Giovanna Caporaletti (straw hats)
    • Mogliano: Tommaso Candria (bags and braided belts)
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    3. Discover Leopardi and Madonna of Loreto places

    • Leopardi route. Time: 2h30
    • Leopardi route and visit to the Madonna of Loreto sanctuary. Time: all the day.
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    4. Trekking: proposal for long walking tours

    • Through ancient villages – From Cerreto di Montegiorgio to Mogliano Marche. Time: 2h30 (9 Km). Trekking wear, from 7 years old.
    • From “Farfa to Rome” – From Montegiorgio to Piane di Falerone. Time: 3 hours (10 Km). Trekking wear, from 7 years old.
    • Along “roman routes” – From Servigliano to Penna San Giovanni. Time: 3h30 (12 Km). Trekking wear, from 10 years old.
    • On the trail of the hermitages – From Montefortino: from “Gola dell’Infernaccio” to San Leonardo al Volubrio. Time: 6 hours (round trip). Trekking wear, from 10 years old.
    • The pilgrims route – From Amandola to Ambro Sanctuary. Time: 3h30. Trekking wear, from 7 years old.
    • The Franciscans route – From San Liberato of Montegiorgio to Selva of Massa Fermana. Time: 3h30. Trekking wear, from 10 years old.
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    5. Routes On Motorbike

    Our region offers various possibilities for motorcycle tours through the beauty of our landscapes and medieval villages which are rich.

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    6. Tasting Routes

    All routes may include combinations with food itineraries that will take you into the secrets of vineyards and wineries, ciauscoli and cheese, new kitchens with the local style of the ancient masters.

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