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Health Itinerary

We signed an agreement with Medical Works of Porto San Giorgio, specialized center in preventive diagnostic medicine that offers:

- CHECK UP WOMAN with the following tests: clinical mammography (mammography, bilateral breast ultrasound, clinical breast assessment), gynecological examination with pelvic ultrasound and pap tests, cardiological examination (echocardiography, ultrasound for carotid, ecodopoppler, abdominal aorta , eCG, spirometry).

- CHECK UP MAN with the following tests: ultrasound (full abdomen and thyroid), cardiological examination (echo-cardiogram, eco-dopller of the carotid arteries, abdominal aortic Doppler, ECG, spirometry), test stress (maximal cycle ergometer test).

All examinations will be carried out by qualified doctors working in hospitals, both public and private.

Exams can be concentrated in half a day and then let the rest of the time of the weekend to discover the beauties of our territory.

You did not have time for your check-up? With this itinerary will check and rest!

Mens sana in corpore sano. Toned yourself from holiday ready to share in everyday life!