Finally there is also a dog beach for us!
After our countless requests, the municipality has finally issued the resolution to create a section of beach for dogs right in front of our structure.
This is the regulation to use them:
• Dogs are admitted from 7.00 am to 8.00 pm during the bathing season (until September 30th);
• Access is allowed only to dogs regularly registered in the canine registry by affixing a suitable microchip of recognition and regularly vaccinated for the main infectious diseases. Both requirements must be demonstrable by the owners through appropriate documentation to be presented on request to the supervisory bodies;
• The owners or holders of the dogs are required to acquire suitable quantities of water and food for the animal, which must be administered in special containers;
• The owners or keepers have the obligation to lead the dog on a leash, of a length not exceeding 2 meters and to have a muzzle available to use in case of need;
• Dogs subject to restrictive regulations are not allowed on the beach;
• Access to female dogs during their menstrual period is prohibited;
• The owners or holders of the dogs must take care of the hygiene of the same, without making use of the detergents;
• The owners or holders of the dogs must be minutes of pallets or binders suitable to immediately remove any dejection of their dog and take care to keep the stretch of beach surrounding the animal's settlement clean;
• The owners or holders are civilly and criminally liable for any damage or injury to persons, animals and things caused by the dog;
• The stay in authorized areas is forbidden to dogs that, due to temperament or occasion, prove to be aggressive or capable of disturbing the peace of the beach.

It should be noted that, according to the current Regulation on the use of maritime land, dogs are not allowed to enter the water.