Holiday protected by covid-19

We list the 9 strengths of our structure for a holiday protected by the covid-19
1) As certified by the Marche Region, the province of Fermo, in which our Residence is located, has long since achieved the goal of zero / alternating contagions . So our area falls within the parameters that other areas will reach in late May or late June
2) The location of the Residence is located in a very quiet area with limited flows of people and tourists
3) The beaches in front are very large . The free beach accessible with the bathing equipment that we provide allows you to comfortably position yourself even 10 or 20 meters from the nearest umbrella
4) The Residence has no spaces in common , it is in the first row of the sea which can be accessed without crossing any driveway
5) Each bungalow or apartment has a reserved external access on the ground floor with a garden or external courtyard space that allows you to keep your distance
6) If you want you can have no physical contact with the reception . You can check-in online, pay the balance before departure with the bank transfer, receive the receipt by e-mail, collect the key in the manner specified in a whatsapp, talk to the receptionist via phone and whatsapp
7) For shopping or delivery of meals you can use the home delivery service that many businesses are offering in our area
8) At each change of client, the housing units will be cleaned and sanitized according to the recommended safety criteria.
9) If you book your deposit is protected . You must send it 30 days before the stay, it can be used for another period if you are forced to move, you can get a refund if you have to cancel due to force majeure related to the pandemic.