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The Homeland Of The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has been sanctioned by UNESCO as "cultural heritage of humanity", defined by the American Senate "the best way of eating and adopted by the scientific world as a reference standard of balanced, sustainable and recommendable food. The Earth's territory di Marca in the province of Fermo has played and plays a fundamental role in the study and dissemination of the Mediterranean diet The scientific validation of the Diet was generated by a study that lasted several decades led by Prof. Ancel Keyes, American scientist, assisted by Prof. Flaminio Fidanza, a native of Magliano di Tenna, on a sample of residents in the Municipality of Montegiorgio who led to scientific validation of the diet.In addition to Prof. Fidanza, Terra di Marca gave birth to the founders of Italian dietology, Luigi Luciani, Silvestro Baglioni, Eugenio Centanni and Emidio Serafini An ancient tradition arose historically in good monasticism dictates of the thousand years that it had a strong presence on the local territory also in this sector collecting, codifying and preserving the Mediterranean culinary and rural culture. This tradition, in addition to permeating today the agricultural cultures and local typicalities, is studied and developed by the Piceno Laboratory of the Mediterranean Diet.